Official List of PH.D Programmes Offered at Kenyatta University (KU)

Kenyatta University Ph.D. Programmes | Official list of Kenyatta University (KU) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) courses offered for admission.

Kenyatta University Ph.D. Programmes

Below is the updated list of Kenyatta University Ph.D. courses and fees, entry requirements, mode of study, course duration, fee structure, faculties and programmes available for prospective Ph.D. applicants for the academic year.

See: Official List of Courses Offered at Kenyatta University (KU) and Kenyatta University Intake Application Form.

Kenyatta University Ph.D. Programmes.

The following are our Ph.D. programmes.

  • Agribusiness Management, Ph.D
  • Agricultural Economics, Ph.D
  • Art and Design, Ph.D
  • African Music, Ethnomusicology or Musicology, Ph.D
  • History of Education, Ph.D
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management, Ph.D
  • Hydrology and Water Resources, Ph.D
  • Renewable/ Sustainable Energy Engineering, Ph.D
  • Business, Ph.D
  • Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Ph.D
  • Sociology, Ph.D
  • Sociology of Education, Ph.D
  • Special Needs Education, Ph.D
  • Sports Science, Ph.D
  • Community Resource Management, Ph.D
  • Community Resource Management, Ph.D
  • Leisure and Recreation Management, Ph.D
  • Literature, PhD
  • Theatre Arts and Film Technology, Ph.D
  • Tourism (Proposed), Ph.D
  • Tourism, Ph.D
  • Doctor of Musical Arts, Ph.D
  • Early Childhood Studies, Ph.D
  • Economics, Ph.D
  • Educational Management, Ph.D
  • Educational Psychology, Ph.D
  • Environmental Planning and Management Ph.D
  • Environmental Science, Ph.D
  • Environmental Studies, Ph.D
  • Medical Geography and Transport Geography, Ph.D
  • Music Education, Ph.D
  • Music Performance, Ph.D
  • Urban and Regional Planning, Ph.D
  • Fashion Design and Marketing, Ph.D
  • Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, Ph.D
  • Philosophy of Education, Ph.D
  • Physical Education, Ph.D
  • Population Studies, Ph.D
  • Public Health, Ph.D

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For more information and inquiries, please navigate to the Kenyatta University portal. All details are available on the institution’s official website.

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