List of Certificates & Diploma Programmes Offered at Kenyatta University (KU)

Kenyatta University Certificates & Diploma Programmes | Official list of Kenyatta University (KU) Certificates & Diploma courses offered for admission.

Kenyatta University Certificates & Diploma Programmes

Below is the updated list of Kenyatta University Certificates & Diploma courses and fees, entry requirements, mode of study, course duration, fee structure, faculties and programmes available for prospective Certificates & Diploma applicants for the academic year.

See: Official List of Courses Offered at Kenyatta University (KU) and Kenyatta University Intake Application Form.

Kenyatta University Certificates & Diploma Programmes.

The following are our Certificates & Diploma programmes.

  • Addiction Treatment Science,Post Graduate Diploma
  • African Studies, Certificate
  • African Environment, Certificate
  • African Philosophy, Certificate
  • Arabic Language, Certificate
  • Hospitality Management, Diploma
  • Nutrition and Health, Diploma
  • Clinical Child Neuropsychology, Diploma
  • Crime Management and Prevention, Diploma
  • Crop Improvement and Protection, Diploma
  • Chinese Language And Culture,Certificate
  • CCNA 1
  • CCNA 2
  • CCNA 3
  • CCNA 4
  • Information Technology, Diploma
  • Portuguese Language, Beginners
  • Pc Hardware & Software Maintenance
  • Disaster Management, Diploma
  • Dholuo Language, Certificate
  • Japanese, Beginners
  • Japanese , Diploma
  • Japanese, Certificate
  • Sports Administration and Management, Certificate
  • Sports Administration and Management, Diploma
  • Early Childhood Care and Education, Diploma
  • Early Childhood Care and Education, Certificate
  • Educational Leadership and Management, Diploma
  • Kiswahili Language, Certificate
  • Tourism Management, Diploma
  • Fine Art, Diploma
  • French, Certificate
  • Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, Postgraduate Diploma
  • Sports Administration and Management, Postgraduate Diploma
  • German, Certificate
  • Gerontology (Study of Aging), Diploma
  • Guidance and Counseling, Diploma
  • Gikuyu Language, Certificate
  • Music, Certificate
  • Music, Diploma
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, Certificate
  • Project Management, Certificate
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, Diploma

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For more information and inquiries, please navigate to the Kenyatta University portal. All details are available on the institution’s official website.

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